Digitising & Streamlining Onboarding for the Frontline Employees

In today's fast-paced business landscape, efficiently onboarding frontline employees is crucial for success. Manual onboarding processes often lead to delays, errors, and a less-than-optimal employee experience. Frontlyne offers a cutting-edge solution to transform onboarding into a seamless, digitized experience.

Why Digitise Onboarding?

Traditional Onboarding Hassles: The manual onboarding process involves mountains of paperwork, disjointed communication, and repetitive tasks, causing delays and confusion.

Missed Training Opportunities: Keeping track of training requirements and progress can be challenging, leading to overlooked learning opportunities.

Lack of Personalization: Without a digital system, it is difficult to create personalised onboarding experiences tailored to individual employee needs.

Streamlined Digital Workflows

Frontlyne's onboarding module simplifies the entire process with digital workflows. Say goodbye to paperwork and repetitive data entry. It automates administrative tasks, from document collection to form submissions, ensuring a smooth onboarding journey.

Customised Learning Paths

Frontlyne empowers you to design personalized onboarding experiences. Create customised learning paths that cater to each employee's role, skills, and background. With access to a library of courses and resources, you can ensure that new hires are equipped with the knowledge they need to perform their roles.

Progress Tracking and Compliance

Stay on top of training requirements effortlessly. Frontlyne offers real-time progress tracking, allowing you to monitor employee learning milestones and compliance status. With detailed analytics and reporting, you can ensure that every team member is up to speed and compliant.

Frontlyne USP

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Why choose Frontlyne?

One app to do it all

One app for you to connect, learn, operate and grow with your frontline teams. Do everything from Learning, Training, Audits, Career Growth Planning,  Ticketing + so much more with Frontlyne

Built for Frontline

Frontlyne is built specifically for Frontline teams, backed by research and science. It is a custom tech solution to cater to the diverse needs of frontline employees and business

Backed by Ed-Tech

Built by a team of technology, psychology, and education enthusiasts, Frontlyne is led by passionate industry leaders to revolutionise the intersection of technology and education.

Used by 300,000+ frontline employees across
22.5k+ stores


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Learn more from our happy clients

Manjula Virshid

Manager - Art of Retailing

Frontlyne has exceeded all expectations, delivering an exceptional platform that has transformed the learning experience for Nykaa's staff. The ease of use is remarkable; even the least tech-savvy employees can navigate it with ease. What sets Frontlyne apart is its unmatched adaptability – it seamlessly moulds itself to Nykaa's ever-evolving needs, offering a tailored learning experience for every individual. Frontlyne's LMS is a revolutionary force, redefining how Nykaa's staff learns and grows.

Pankaj Dubey

Vice President - Training and Development

It's clear that Frontlyne understand the needs of our industry, particularly in the realm of online learning.Their eLearning platform and LMS have been valuable assets for our training and development efforts. Frontlyne is a reliable partner that genuinely aligns with our objectives. I recommend Frontlyne to anyone seeking eLearning and LMS solutions.

Deepali Sinha

Retail L&D and Talent

We are consistently experiencing 98% absorption and positive response from our happy employees. Frontlyne has truly surpassed our expectations and played a pivotal role in shaping our digital future. Their ability to translate our vision into a robust, engaging, and user-friendly mobile application is nothing short of remarkable. Our new app is not only visually appealing but also functions seamlessly, offering our employees an enhanced learning experience that aligns their personal growth perfectly with our business goals and helps us effectively develop the competencies of our employees despite the exponential scale.

Alex Mathew

Head of HR

We have been using Frontlyne for the last 5 years at Max. The team has been able to customise the app to suit our requirements. We use Frontlyne not only as an LMS but also as a tool to conduct monthly reviews and to drive employee engagement initiatives.


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