Frontlyne at ng-India 2024

Elsa Siby Jose
April 30, 2024
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Angular, a prominent JavaScript framework, has solidified its position as a cornerstone in today's market. It stands out as the preferred choice among front-end developers for building applications. 

Ng-India, hosted by Geek97, is India's Largest Angular Conference which our team from Frontlyne attended. With a full-day agenda of amazing lessons and interesting topics here are the top 3 takeaways from our team:

The Frontlyne Team (LR): Priyanka Bora, Aishwarya, Bharat Rao
  1. Internationalization: Multi-Lingual and Cross Culture Support

The session led by Rohtash Sethi spoke about how internationalization works in the angular set-up.  Briefly speaking, internationalization is designing and preparing adaptable and usable applications in different locales worldwide. With localisation gathering much interest in recent times, building an application that can easily adapt to the international market while staying relevant to the local market becomes crucial. 

Aishwarya | Front-end Developer:

“The topic which fascinated me the most was Internationalization. As a Software developer, it’s not just about creating a product that works in one language, it’s about taking our product to global markets where our product can adapt to different languages and cultures. The discussion around the sanity checks one needs to do in UI/UX and data before considering internationalization was particularly interesting. 

This process involves more than just translating text. It also considers date formats, currency symbols, and other local-specific preferences. By implementing internationalization, software becomes more accessible globally while enhancing user experience by accommodating diverse linguistic and cultural needs.”

  1. The Power of Personal Branding in Software Development - The Angular Path

Dariusz Kalbarczyk, the Founder @ngPoland, highlighted the importance of personal branding in the software development industry, focusing first on benefits for the individual developer and then for the company which in today’s competitive market definitely was a stepping stone in understanding how to stand out in your field of expertise. 

Bharat Rao | Front-end Developer

“Attending the ng-India 2024 was a profound reminder that learning is an ongoing journey rather than a destination. Through each session, I've refined my abilities as a Front End Developer and deepened my grasp of Angular's capabilities. My personal favourite was the insights given by Dariusz Kalbarczyk on personal branding which is crucial for establishing credibility, visibility, and differentiation amidst the rapidly evolving landscape of technology. Excited to implement these fresh perspectives and enhance user experiences at Frontlyne.”

Dariusz Kalbarczyk | Founder @ngPoland
  1. GenAI For Web Developers

Roy Derks from IBM gave an overview of techniques like prompt engineering, and complex patterns and demonstrated how every web developer can use LLMs in Angular applications using APIs and SDKs.

Priyanka Bora | Head of Technology

“Attending NG India conference was super exciting! We got a sneak peak into Angular 17, and its cool new features. Plus, we picked up tips on making our apps faster. The talks on AI and GitHub Copilot were helpful, showing us how AI can help in coding. It was also a great chance to see what we’re doing right and where we can improve in frontend. Meeting experienced folks in the field was a bonus. Can’t wait to put all this new knowledge into practice.”

ng-India 2024

In addition to these sessions, it was interesting to note how most standard principles discussed at the conference were already in practice at Frontlyne, especially those enhancing performance: using SVG over PNG, why this mattered, the concept of imports and how it impacted performance and how one could build upon these best practices to do better. 

Overall, attending Ng-India was an enriching experience for our team at Frontlyne. We are excited to see what we get to do with Angular. We had a peek at Angular 17 and the new features are promising and we look forward to applying the knowledge gained to further elevate our projects. 

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Elsa Siby Jose

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